Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Tutorial: Bright eye look with pop of mint

Hey “BD beauties”!

Hope your week is going great! It’s been pretty gloomy past few days where I live so liven things up here is a bright eye makeup look with a pop of mint in the lower lash line. Before I get started hope you have all joined me giveaway HERE, where you can win NARS, OPI, NYX etc! You have an option between two wonderful prize packs worth of $60 each.
Let’s get started with the tutorial!

Step 1
Start with priming your lids as usual. I have used Elf eyelid primer here. Using a champagne shade in the inner corners of the eyes and the inner half of the lid.

Step 2
To give a gradient of shade, I have used a magenta shade on the crease with a stiff blending brush you can use any bright shade for this.

Step 3
Using a burnt orange shade, I have placed it on the outer half of the lid and blended it towards the champagne shade I applied previously. This is to blend the outer V and also make the shades transition rather than making it a cut crease look.

Step 4
To lend all the shades and the harsh edges in the crease, I’m using a fluffy blending brush.

Step 5
Highlight the brow bone with a pearl finish champagne shade.

Step 6
Line your lower lash line with a bright eye liner or simply wet your eye shadow brush and line your lashline with it.

Step 7
Line your upper lash line with a rich black liquid line and wing it, i have drawn a dramatic wing but you can draw a thin one too.

Step 8
Finish off the look with mascara and falsies. I have tried to clump my lower lash line purposely to give a doll like effect to the eyes and as for lashes I have used ones that look spiky. I have also used circle lenses here which i will review soon!

Hope you have fun recreating this look and until next time, take care!

Xoxo Jeeshan



  1. these colours are very nice :)


  2. mesmerizing all I can say in one word Jees <3

  3. perfection! and you have such pretty eyes:)

  4. beautiful... I wish I could create 5% of this

  5. Such a colorful look it is .. very pretty :)

  6. fantastic look...

    - Janine

  7. Nyc review! I loved ur swatches its really detailed. I've been searching for all this time. Thanks for sharing with us your reviews. I will definitely love it.The quality of your blogs and articles,detailed descriptions and worth appreciating.I found ur blog via FB,I love all your review, i loved ur blog <3

  8. wow.. so very beautiful!! Incredible!!

  9. Gorgeous makeup! You are very talented. I don't know too much about eye makeup so I'm excited to get tips from your posts. Just started following through GFC. Hope you can check out my blog and follow. I'd love to hear your feedback : ) anna-lamode.blogspot.com


Thank you all for appreciating and giving me your comments! it does give me a huge encouragement to keep blogging :)

xx Jeeshan

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