Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Oriflame’s visions v top secret concealer reveiw & swatches

This is going to be a review of oriflame’s visions v top secret concealer. I cam across this through an oriflame consultant (they have a program where you can join like their sales representative). She was a friend of mine and showed me a catalogue. At that time, i was very much intrigued y concealers and wanting to cover up my acne (which was jus terrible at that time). So I tried a lot of concealers. Unfortunately back then I was just starting with makeup and didn’t know much about colour selection. The colour i got is completely light for me. Just really too pale: P so I just left it in my drawer for ages until recently it ought i should try using it as an under eye brightener. If you are a makeup enthusiast, you would have heard of the kim kardashian effect. So I tried it again for that purpose!

Oriflame’s visions v top secret concealer

My experience with it
I definitely do love the consistency of this concealer stick. It’s not too dry or too creamy. It has velvet like texture when you feel it. This made the under eye concealer stay put without having smudges or creasing. I have worn it for around 6 hrs and what astonished me was that it didn’t get oily. The formula is really special and just perfect for and under eye concealer!

The wear I would say lasts quite a long time in my opinion. In terms of scent, there isn’t much to it. It’s nothing overwhelming to avoid. Definitely doesn’t have any chemical scents J

oriflame’s products are available in most parts of the world. Luckily there is a store in my country.
The only thing that pissed me off is the packaging it’s just the worst form of packaging ever imaginable. Although the concept is a twist up concealer stick, it doesn’t twist up easily. You have hold the stick tight and then twist it. Even twisting back down is not easy. So far I had to push down the stick with my hands which are obviously not hygienic.

Oriflame’s visions v top secret concealer

How i apply it
As all stick concealers, the obvious method of application is spot correcting straight from the stick. If you use this product on your clients or others definitely you don’t want to do this! Use a concealer brush and apply the product. However if you apply this as an under eye concealer on yourself, i suggest you use your hands as it warms the product pretty well.

Oriflame’s visions v top secret concealer SWATCHED & BLENDED

  • Great consistency, not too dry nor too creamy
  • Doesn’t get oily
  • Can be easily blended.

  • Packaging is NOT GOOD
  • Product is very little.

Oriflame’s visions v top secret concealer

I would definitely recommend this product! It’s a great consistency for a concealer. However, if you’re a quick makeup person I wouldn’t suggest you buy this as the packaging is just too tacky as thus not travel friendly.

I hope this helped you

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